Veteran thespian Mumtaz turns sixty five on Gregorian calendar month thirty first. The thespian World Health Organization dominated million hearts in 1960 and 70s currently lives in London and confesses she feels loneliness. The veteran thespian gets candid in an exceedingly voice communication with Subhash K Jha.
65 years of a celebrated life. however does one look back?
Why square measure you lonely?
My husband is traveling perpetually. My kids have grownup up. My elder female offspring is married to Fardeen Khan and lives inMumbai. My younger female offspring is learning our closed corporation from her father. She too is move plenty. What do I do? I can’t follow them round the world , can I?

What plans for your birthday?
My husband(entrepreneur Mayur Madhvani) has organized a dinner on a ship for under family and friends. My family has already started gathering here in London. It’s largely family and simply 4-5 friends of mine World Health Organization are with ME for thirty years currently.

Even a lot of vital than relationships?
Yes, you’re judged not for what you’re, however what proportion cash you have got and what position you have got in society. If you don’t have cash and a social standing nobody appearance towards you. If you’re a no one you aren’t even invited to any happening party. That’s why I’d beg all kids to form one thing of their lives. Kuch karo kuch bano. i’m still remembered back home as a result of ek zamaane mein main Mumtaz thi.

In that case if you weren’t Mumtaz , Mayur Madhvani wouldn’t have married you?
I don’t suppose he would have… no!

And did he?
No, the magazine and Devyani apologized in public. I forgave them. If somebody wrongs ME and realizes it i’m able to forgive. however i’ll ne’er tolerate nonsense.

So you were raised by your mother?
My grannie, mother and my kinswoman. Like 3 Men & A Baby in my life there have been 3 ladies and a baby. it had been a beautiful childhood. we tend to were a typical Irani family. My mother was unmarried once she was solely sixteen. Then my mother re-married.She had 2 sons. one in every of them died. however I’ve a blood brother named crowned head Rukh Askari in urban center.

Then there’s the opposite crowned head Rukh World Health Organization is your fan.
You mean crowned head Rukh Khan? affirmative I detected. That’s terribly sweet of him.

Who isn’t your fan?
Oh there should be several. I’ve been lucky. I started my career on the incorrect note as a supporting thespian. In spite of that I became one in every of the top-most heroines at the age of eighteen.That shows what proportion folks favored ME. I’d be appreciated even after I wasn’t the heroine. My fans were with ME. Then I married at twenty six and left Bharat.

Do you recall dangerous experiences on your thanks to stardom?
Nothing like that. there have been no low-cost passes created. It all depends on however one conducts oneself. I firmly believe if you’re a hard-working and beautiful no one except God will stop you.

Which square measure your favorite roles and films?
Khilona, Tere Mere Sapne, Aaina, Aap Ki Kasam, Jheel Ke North American country Paar…There were numerous alternative hits. however I wouldn’t decision them unforgettable films or roles. Khilona was a turning purpose on behalf of me. Producer L V Prasadji had the heart to sign a aspect thespian like ME within the author-backed half.It bust my glamourous tomboyish image. does one understand, Seeta Aur Geeta was offered to ME? however they offered me a really tiny remuneration. thus I aforementioned no.

Do you regret losing it?
No why ought to I? as a result of it had been a hit? however I gave numerous hits. Hemaji got her initial Filmfare award for Seeta Aur Geeta. Mujhe pehle mil chuka tha for Khilona.

What concerning V Shantaram World Health Organization forged you as a number one girl for the primary time in Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti?
I was doing Khilona and Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti at an equivalent time. i used to be signed for a guest look to try to to a song. I had done bit roles in Shantaramji’s Stree and Sehra. I couldn’t say no to him. thus I in agreement to try to to a song in Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti. Then his female offspring Rajshree World Health Organization was enjoying the lead within the film, determined she didn’t need to figure. thus Shantaramji determined to forged ME because the actress in Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti. however the film’s thespian Jeetendra refused to figure with ME.

What square measure you saying! Jeetendra and you became such smart friends?
Ya ,he said , ‘Mumtaz ke saath main kaam nahin karunga’ .Shantaramji place his foot down. He told Jeetu, ‘If you don’t need to figure along with her you allow the film. I’ll take another hero.’ however Jeetuji finally relented. I control no grudges against Jeetuji as a result of in those days several massive heroes refused to figure with ME.

Even Dev Anand?
No he ne’er refused. I got the prospect to figure with him in Tere Mere Sapne. If he aforementioned no to any film with ME i’m not aware.

Jeetendra and you probably did numerous films subsequently?
Yes, however our jodi didn’t become as fortunate as Rajesh Khanna and that i. My films with Jeetu didn’t click.

It’s the chemistry?
It’s all fate and destiny. It’s up to the audience to require AN actor to the skies or drop him or her to the bottom. Either they love you or hate you.

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