Privacy Policy

What information and data we collect?

We collect information entered by you in our website.It may be your email,address ,name or URL address.

You entered your information for  reading and subscribing our newsletter,fill up a form to contact us or message on our posts.You may visit our website without providing any information to us and without  taking any permission.

Third party google can use the cookie to serve ads in your blogs.You can option output from this blog by visiting google ads and content network.

We transfer your information and email to third party websites.We use all safety measures and securities for your better experience.

Why we take information from you?
Information provided by you is taken to enrich your experiences on your websites and blogs.We provide all content which provides respect and values to you.Our first work is to make you happy and satisfied.

All other third parties have their own blogs and websites.Thus , we are not responsible for the content of these linked sites.

Do we use cookies ?
Yes ,we use cookies.Thus, cookies are the small files used to transfer  it to you hard drive on your web browser if it allows.

Terms and conditions
We also update our own privacy policy.If we will update our private policy then you can see it in only these page.

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